Monday, June 20, 2011

By Popular Demand: List of things I now do with a boob hanging out....

This one is dedicated to all my BZ Feb. 2011 Due Date Club friends - and to breastfeeding mom's everywhere... GO BOOBS!
Things I now do with a boob hanging out:
1. Balance the check book
2. Play Farmville
3. Watch American Idol
4. Talk to Verizon Customer Service Representatives
5. Shop Online
6. Read a book
7. Play Toy Story or some other game with older child
8. Drink Coffee
9. Eat Breakfast
10. Eat Lunch
11. Eat Dinner
12. Play Rock Band - Vocals only
13. Sleep
14. "People-watch" in the Wal Mart parking lot from the back seat of the Jeep - don't ask....
15. Sit outside and enjoy the nice sunny day... covered, of course
Feel free to add to this list any funny/crazy things you've done while simultaneously breastfeeding your baby!

1 comment:

  1. can totally relate to these, especially #14! hahaha!

    You've pretty much got it covered.. but I would like to add wait for Jimmy Johns hahaha ohhhh and panic because hubby left to walk to dog with the front door wide open WHILE waiting for Jimmy Johns..