Monday, June 20, 2011

New List: Shit my kid has ruined.......

 Any parent will tell you that if your house is quiet, it's not time to relax, it's time to panic because that means your kid is decimating something expensive or irreplacable. There's a website dedicated to this, called "Shit my kid has ruined" where parents can send in pictures of things their kids have destroyed, it's very funny. As I do not have pictures to contribute I thought I'd just make a little list here of things Shea has ruined forever:
1. Couch - he has peed on the couch several times, but the cushions are machine washable so that's no biggie, but one time he burrowed behind the cushions and after a few minutes I realized he was being very still and quiet. I thought maybe he had fallen asleep back there...nope, he was drawing pictures on the inside of the couch with a black ink pen.
2. Laptop Computer - Matt left his laptop on the floor while it was charging, left the room for a minute to get something to drink and when he came back Shea had picked all of the letter keys off of the keyboard. About 3/4 of the keys were completely OFF and he couldn't get them to go back on again. One laptop - completely useless now.
3. Brand new Cell Phone - Matt's cell phone got ruined from being outside and having lots of sand and dirt in it so he went online and ordered a new phone. It was 80.00 and supposed to be more durable than the last one, including a new feature: Water Proof. It came in the mail and Matt opened it and activated it, set it on the counter and turned to open the rest of the mail. I walked into the kitchen and asked to see his new phone but it wasn't where he had set it. We turned around to sit it sitting in the bottom of Shea's water table that he got for Christmas, and yes, it was full of water at the time. New phone + 5 minutes with a sneaky 1 1/2 year old= destroyed phone? Nope - it really was waterproof, but if it hadn't been....
4. Irreplacable pictures from when I was a baby - I had taken a few pictures from my parents house of me when I was a baby and put them neatly in a scrapbook that I had spent a lot of time decorating. One day I caught Shea pouring water into said scrapbook. Most of it was fine, except for one page with pictures of me and mom that there are no copies of and no negatives... :(
5. Kodak Printer - I opened the paper tray of the printer one day so I could print something only to have 20 or so hotwheels cars fall out of it. The printer was then broken for several months until a whole day of messing with it fixed the problem.
6. Ipod touch - Caught Shea chewing on the actual ipod. = cracked screen, but still usable.
7. Several dishes - when a two year old wants to find out what wil happen if he throws a glass bowl onto a tile floor, there is much fun to be had.... NOT!
8. 75.00 floor lamp - Matt and I lived in Japan for a year and when we came back we wanted to decorate our apartment "Japanese" style. We bought a floor lamp that is black, wooden and has a paper "lantern" looking square top - it's very "Japanese-y". Caught Shea coloring the paper lantern part with orange and green non-washable crayons....we DID tell him he was only allowed to color on paper....
9. Sterling Silver airplane piggy bank - a gift from my dad's aunt and uncle for Shea. Hmm...guess what happens when you bang it on the floor repeatedly? One of the "legs" falls off....
There are so many more things he has broken - a ceramic dog dish, a couple necklaces, souvenirs from Japan, clothes, the list goes on and on and on.... my advice - hide the nice things you have and don't buy any "new" nice things until they are out of the house.....!!!!!

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